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How to beat procrastination and silence self sabotage

Understanding that we always have a choice can be both liberating but equally paralysing depending on the way we view it. It is not uncommon to stay in an uncomfortable situation because it is familiar rather than 'risk' the unknown!

However, in this situation we are more prone to procrastination and self sabotage because we are not being true to our authentic self and therefore are not in flow. It takes courage to be truly honest with yourself but the moment you are is when you are able to change the 'story'!

Here are 5 steps you can take to lead you away from the darkness of doubt and into the light of life:

1. Cultivate a routine of positivity with daily affirmations of setting your intent and striving towards your goals

Train your reticular activating system (RAS) by focusing deeply on your goals to align your conscious desires with your subconscious thoughts. Your RAS ( a bundle of nerves at our brain stem) remarkably will fill in the gaps by filtering out unnecessary information to allow the important stuff to been seen, such as revealing the people, information and opportunities available in order for you achieve them.

2. Invest in both personal and professional development

What we don't know, we don't know! When we make an investment in ourselves we are being vulnerable by acknowledging what we don't know. This will help challenge our beliefs and create our new reality. By expanding self-awareness we are open to new possibilities.

Find a coach, mentor that is doing exactly what you want as they will be able to teach and guide you on the quickest route possible allowing you to learn from their mistakes/lessons speeding up the process to success.

3. Acknowledge that you are enough right now and don't compare yourself to others

As written in the Desiderata 'don't compare yourself to others for you shall become vain or bitter as there is always will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. The only person to compare against is yourself, strive to be a little better in one particular area of your life everyday.

4. Celebrate your wins however small they may seem

As humans we are designed to see and spot potential threats or danger as an evolutionary process, which unfortunately means that we end up focusing on what we haven't done so well or the mistakes we have made. Our brain then uses this information to back up our feelings of self doubt and the self sabotage rears its ugly head. Yet when we celebrate our wins we are fostering our own self-belief and confidence and reminding our brain and that 'inner critic' of what we are truly capable of, making us feel more empowered to succeed.

5. Give your inner critic a name!

Acknowledge it is trying to protect you based on the limited information it knows. So find an example where you overcome adversity and tap into that feeling, use that energy to help you overcome the hurdle/obstacle in question. Remember when it's trying to hold you back, know you must be on the edge of a new break-through and true growth. As the saying goes...'get comfortable with being uncomfortable!'

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“The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.”

Alexander Graham Bell

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