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The Department of Health current guidelines recommend we should be eating 30g of fibre a day. Yet most of us are only managing to eat just 19g! @theguthealthdoctor actually recommends that we should eat up to 50g of fibre a day as in the Mediterranean diet! She states that ‘Fibre is a Holy Grail nutrient’ – by increasing the amount you eat, nearly every organ including your heart will benefit. However it is important to increase it gradually so you give your body time to adjust. . Use this chart to check if you are getting enough fibre from at least 30 different types of plant based foods each week. . If you suffer from bloating, IBS or are interested in understanding more about your enteric system ‘your 2nd brain. Then check out her new book ‘Eat yourself healthy’👍🏻 . I can’t wait for mine to arrive😁

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