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My Current Top Ten Podcasts

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Obviously I won't list The Planted Mindset Podcast as it is my own!

However, here's the top ten I am currently subscribed to (although I'm subscribed to many more. I do listen to lots of other podcast episodes too and will definitely venture into listening to more).

1. The Plant Proof Podcast - Simon Hill

2. The Brian Keane Podcast - Brian Keane

3. The Shred with Science Podcast - Dr Chris Spearman

4. The InnerFight Podcast - Marcus Smith

5. Ben Coomber Radio - Ben Coomber

6. Feel Better, Live More - Dr Chatterjee

7. The Fitness Coach Freedom Podcast - Dr Chris Spearman

10. Primal Potential - Elizabeth Benton

Podcasts are a fantastic way to consume content on the go. What are your favourites?

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