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Are we losing our minds? 5 strategies to help cultivate a resilient mindset

I feel that everyone I speak to lately appears to be dealing with high levels of stress and worry about their health and their families as well as finances and what the future may hold.

Anxiety and depression are definitely more prevalent and I wanted to produce this episode to firstly show empathy in that you are not alone but also to offer some helpful strategies that you can implement to help you keep on top of things from a mindset perspective.

Often we suffer in silence alone when if we opened up not only would we be releasing our stress, but we are also letting others know that it's ok to not be ok!

Whilst we can't control what is happening out there, we can control how we act, what we do and this in turn will ultimately impact how we feel. As the saying goes 'control the controllables'.

Here are 5 strategies that can help build that mental resilience and support us with our health and wellbeing.

1. Acceptance

2. Support & connection

3. Exercise

4. Diet and hydration

5. Mindfulness and relaxation

Why not listen to this instead? Taken from Episode 41 of the Planted Mindset Podcast

Click here to listen.

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