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Looking to lose your lock-down lethargy and those extra pounds?

Have your best intentions fallen by the wayside these last few months?

Whilst you have enjoyed the glorious sunny evenings and even being confirmed to your back garden. You notice that you have been enjoying one or two more G&T's than usual (and not just at the week-end) as all the days have slowly merged into one! Unfortunately it hasn't stopped there, as the lure of the savoury snacks to accompany said 'tipple' are mandatory! What started as a one-off trying to deal with the strange situation we are in, has slowly become your daily ritual.

With the lock-down restrictions now easing, you feel ready to get back into your healthy post COVID-19 routine.

As you know in it's most simplistic form weight loss is achieved by consuming less calories than your body burns.

So before you go to any extreme measures with regards to your diet that work to start with but spectacularly fail the minute you stop with all the weight-loss returning and more like a bad penny!

Why not try an alternative approach that is sustainable, easy and something that can be adopted not just for a few weeks, months but as a healthy way of life. Which will not only help you lose the lock-down pounds but also the lethargy accompanied with it.

What's more, it's super simple as requires no fancy equipment or the need to count calories, all it requires is consistency and your hand.

Portion Control is an easy method to implement as it is bespoke to you as your tummy and indeed your hand.

Use the simple guides below to understand the breakdown of macro-nutrients your body requires at each meal.

Using the guide above will help you serve the perfect plate of food for your macro-nutrient requirements. which should be broken down as follows

As men typically have a higher Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) than women it stands to reason that they require a higher intake of energy (calories) from food than women.

By using the appropriate guides below you will not only be giving your body the fuel (energy) to feel and work more efficiently, reducing that lethargy but most importantly the lock-down pounds. Helping you become a fitter and healthier you.

DM if you would like to find out about Nbefit's Health&Wellness100 Program launching next month, guaranteed to get you results.

Why not join my free Facebook group where you can be part of a community of like-minded people keeping one another motivated and accountable.

Do you listen to podcasts, if so why not check out The Planted Mindset Podcast | Episodes based on Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition.

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